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The world's cities are getting more congested, with urban drivers and tourists spending upwards of 20 minutes looking for parking. 

Drivers end up parking in high-risk or even unauthorized areas, and in all major cities, hundreds of millions of privately-owned cars and rentals are at risk of being towed and impounded by municipalities.

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Tugger protects your customers with the world's only City Towing Insurance (CTI) product, available for the Rent-A-Car travel industry. 

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Our product helps drivers find their towed car and covers the cost of towing. 

The 'CTI' Solution

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Tugger disrupts the hassle of city towing by protecting your customers wherever they go. 

We help your customers find their towed vehicles – including a 'locate car’' search engine and back-up 24/7 customer support to find your towed vehicle in major cities. Now your customers don’t have to face city towing alone.

Our tech features and data can quickly and easily be integrated into your roadside assistance package as a value-added service (VAS), using our Tugger API.

App is currently available in 4 languages (English, French, German, and Hebrew).

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Tugger provides your company with underwriting protection, handling the nitty-gritty so that you can provide your customers with a reimbursement guarantee.

If your customer's car gets towed, we cover the towing fee, up to 150 USD - improving customer satisfaction and reassuring your customers that you have their backs. The customer is still responsible for the parking violation ticket

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Tugger offers an end to end solution for municipalities that want to implement a tourist-friendly, 'Smart City' towing alert and monitoring system.

Tugger provides a fully integrated platform for tracking municipal towing, including a parking barometer heatmap of high risk parking and towing areas, and advance notifications to drivers before they are towed.

We work with you to reduce the number of towing incidents. Municipalities, towing companies, and drivers all benefit from robust towing and parking data to inform policy and infrastructure decisions.

The tugger TRACK RECORD:

  • More than 50,000 drivers have already been offered Tugger protection.

  • New proven revenue of 27% customer conversion rate, working with one of the top 5 car rental companies.

  • Tugger's CTI product is backed by one of the world's leading reinsurance companies.

  • Tugger has successfully implemented 'Smart City' towing capabilities for a major municipality.

Tugger introduced us to an entirely new opportunity to expand our coverage offering. Implementing CTI was easy, and we were quickly bringing in new revenue. 
— Ofer I., National Sales Manager, Avis Israel