Avis "Safe Park" Service

Terms and Conditions

1.     The customer (hereinafter the "Renter" or “Car Renter") grants power of attorney to Avis Israel - UTS - Universal Transportation Solutions Ltd. (hereinafter the "Company") to use this service through third-party services (hereinafter the “the Tugger Info Company Ltd." or the “Third Party"). The Third Party is providing the location services through an application, and a Towing refund, in case the rental car is towed away from a prohibited parking (hereinafter the "Service" or "Avis Safe Park").

2.     The Renter grants the Company power of attorney to claim from the Third Party a refund for coverage of towing from a prohibited parking.

3.     In the event of towing from a prohibited parking, except if the vehicle was parked in an official disabled parking, the Renter will pay for the tow to the local authority as legally required, only then he will be entitled to request a refund from the Company up to a maximum of 150 USD or 600 NIS , per tow.

4.     The Service covers the cost of one (1) tow per month only (30 calendar days).

5.     The Service covers the cost of the tow only (municipal or police fines are not covered by this Service).

6.     The Company will refund the tow amount paid by the Renter, directly to his account within 7 days of presenting the demand to cover the payment, which the Renter will submit to the Company by email or by contacting one of the representatives of the Company in its branches. The refund is conditioned upon presenting of towing documents and confirmation of the towing payment, and also presenting of proof of the payment of the parking fine, which is related to the towing.

7.     The towing coverage is nationwide (the State of Israel within the Green Line only), provided that at the time of the rental, the Renter has paid for the Service the amount required by the Company in exchange for this coverage.

8.     By registering for the Service, the Renter authorizes the Company or the Third Party to send him an SMS message, warning that the rented car is about to be towed or has been towed from a prohibited parking (early warning exists in Tel Aviv only).

9.     The Renter acknowledges that he/she has read the Terms of Service that appear on the following page: www.tugger.info/terms-and-conditions and he/she acknowledges that in any conflict between the information given here and the information given in the full statute (under the responsibility of the Third Party), the information here will prevail over the information given in the full statute.

10.  Accompanying Service in the Application: the "Tow barometer" shown in the App is based on analysis of historical data of towing from prohibited parking in the city and related fines. The purpose of the barometer is to help the Renter understand the level of towing risk in the area where he is, and where he wants to park his car. The barometer does not replace the judgment of the individual driver, and the Company or any Third Party are not responsible for any outcome of the use of the parking barometer, except for the coverage given in the framework of the Service as stated in these regulations.